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Saving money on your wedding (yes it is possible)

Weddings can be super pricey, I remember when I got married six years ago the mere mention of the “W” word instantly brought dollar signs to a supplier’s eyes.

These are some tips that I’ve picked up after being involved in a few weddings over the years.

  • Prioritise and be completely honest with yourself, are you doing it to impress or because you and your husband to be really want it.
  • Be absolutely ruthless with the guest list; long lost Auntie Sheila who was at your Christening and who hasn’t been heard from since she joined a nudist colony doesn’t need to be invited!
  • Give a novice a chance; there are amazing photographers available who might not have the big name but are tremendously talented who’ll charge a fraction of the price. One thing to add here, invest in a decent makeup artist it’ll be worth it.
  • Monograms, initials and logos are an inexpensive way of adding a bit of flair to every aspect of your wedding.
  • Shop for dresses that aren’t necessarily wedding gowns or better yet buy second hand. It’s only been worn once and you can pick up some serious bargains.
  • Fake the wedding cake. Have a small cake for cutting with a fake bottom tier or serve your cake as dessert.
  • Create your own photo booth or put props next to the dance floor for party time, the photos will be really interesting.
  • Accept help. This one I battled with people are willing to help you don’t need to do everything yourself.
  • Serve canapés or snacks instead of a full sit down dinner or do something out of the ordinary like a burger bar.
  • BE YOURSELF – People that really matter are not looking at the décor or what you spent on the dress they are there because they love you.

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